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Gearhead Archery Has Arrived


We are happy to announce our new dealership with Gearhead Archery!

Come in and check it out!  We currently have the T36 Aluminum Compound Bow, the T24 and T18 Hunter Series Compound Bows, the T15 Pro and the X16 Aluminum Crossbow. 


Gearhead Archery is a Wisconsin based archery equipment company committed to designing and building the most rugged compound bows with innovative features for extreme hunting and shooting conditions.  Our goal is to continue to push the limits of our engineering team to produce the most advanced and reliable compound bows in the world.

                                                                                               -Gearhead Archery

T36 Aluminum Compound-Target Series

The new Target Series boasts ATA's to 36.75" and draw lengths up to 33". The Gearhead Archery Target Series is made up of the T30, T33 and T36. They all deliver dead in hand performance that is super quiet with integrated quad sound dampening built into the riser. The Target Series bows utilize the same rock solid riser design that is the most rigid, stable and dimensionally accurate riser on the market today. As with all Gearhead Archery bows, the Target Series is capable of using the Pick a Grip system to allow the user to choose the grip that fits him or her best. The T30, T33 and T36 are great additions to Gearhead Archery's product lineup. 

T24 & T18 Hunter Series

 The Hunter Series is new for 2018! These bows are available in the T18, T20 and T24. The Hunter Series was developed to bring an exceptional value to the Gearhead lineup.  They are anodized in an earth tone color and utilize a 6061 grade aluminum.  The Gearhead designers merged the military look and feel into a bow that is a bowhunters dream. These are the bows that we want to hunt with. They are compact, lightweight, versatile and fit in a pack. They are accurate, forgiving, with shootability and built like a tank! Perfect for stalking through the nastiest hunting conditions. Awesome for maneuvering between shooting lanes in your treestand. 

X16 Aluminum Crossbow

 The X16 crossbow from Gearhead Archery is an astonishing 5.5lb (w/o accessories) making the X16 the worlds lightest crossbow, and in fact, lighter than most compound bows. The engineers at Gearhead Archery were set on a mission to make the strongest, most accurate, innovative, and lightest crossbow ever built from the ground up. Gearhead Archery sought to design a crossbow with the same performance as our T18 series compound bows. We wanted a crossbow that could discredit the deception that crossbow performance are unlike bows.  The simple fact is the X16 is identical pound for pound of pull and power stroke as the T18 bow which has demonstrated it can take down most anything. 

T15 Pro-Bowfishing Series


T15 AMS Bow fishing mount included.

(Reel not included)

The T15 Pro is a hybrid of a recurve bow and a sling shot. It incorporates its power from the combination of composite limbs and rubber tubing. The T15 draws and shoots much like a traditional recurve bow. With the compact size, weight and handle, it's like an extension of your arm. It is easy to shoot and very accurate with minimal practice. You can shoot normal arrows with a release or with fingers.  The T15 Pro comes with a Whisker Biscuit rest, a tied D-Loop and a bracket to mount your AMS or Cajun bowfishing reel. All the components are black anodized aluminum, stainless steel fasteners and built to last forever! The new T15 Pro has a built in roller system to reduce the wear on your power tubes and help with a consistent draw cycle. Whether you are into small game, bowfishing or just shooting for fun. The T15 Pro by Gearhead Archery will get the job done! 

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